Why Choose New Rochelle Car Leasing

New Rochelle brings plenty of choice for an individual looking to sign up for an auto lease. Most auto leasing companies tend to focus on selected vehicle manufacturers. Even auto leasing agencies that work with multiple car manufacturers tend to offer only a few vehicle models carefully picked by the management of the company based on popularity and price to maximize profitability. If you are weary of the traditional car leasing service and looking for something different, you might want to give New Rochelle Car Leasing a try. New Rochelle Car Leasing was born with the same notion that you share; as lessees themselves, the management realized that the industry is in need of a major overhaul. New Rochelle Car Leasing was launched with the motive of getting rid of the various inefficiencies that comes with a typical car leasing company.

Helpful, unbiased sales people

One of the biggest issues that car leasing companies and any car dealership for that matter suffer from is inadequate sales people. While there are some excellent sales people who genuinely look to help their customers, the percentage of these sales people is unfortunately quite small. As a car buyer, you will find that most sales people are either over ambitious about selling any car no matter what your interest is to get their sales numbers up or doesn’t really seem to care about what you buy. Most people have resorted to doing their own research due to this which can be rather inconvenient.
At New Rochelle Car Leasing, we have a highly trained sales force committed to offering the best possible service to our customers. By collating information from numerous sources and having a sound knowledge of all our vehicle models, we offer a service like no other. Our sales people are more like consultants are not just looking to close a sale. Our primary objective is to ensure that the right car is matched with the right customer. Everything else is secondary. In fact, we have no issues if you are working with another car leasing company and would like some advice. Get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to help. Contact us on 631-527-0050.

Lowest auto leasing rates

One of the other major issues with auto leasing is that most people find car leasing to be inadequate in terms of a financial decision. While the idea of a lease seems ideal because the lease is calculated based on the depreciation rate of the vehicle; once the car leasing company includes their cost of operations and profit on top, the monthly price can become a little too steep. We have combatted this by stripping down our service to an internet based one without maintaining a physical car lot. This has given us the leverage we need to offer monthly leasing rates that would be a bargain under any circumstance.
Choosing New Rochelle Car Leasing brings plenty more side benefits apart from the above mentioned factors. To learn what else we can do for you that our competitors do not, call us on 631-527-0050.