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Audi Leasing in New Rochelle

Audi is a German auto manufacturer focusing on passenger vehicles and sports cars. Audi has built an excellent reputation in the mid-range and luxury vehicle market and continues to bring innovative solutions with their latest models. Audis options are quite substantial giving its customers plenty of choice. Audi is known for its top crash test scores and technology incorporated in to its vehicles. A popular choice among Audi drivers these days is the A3 sedan. The car is available as a convertible as well as a hatchback. The vehicle offers everything you could want from a car including superior comfort and a great handling making it a pleasant experience for driver and passenger alike. You might expect such a car to be one of Audi’s more expensive models but in fact, the A3 is Audi’s entry level model and will cost you the lowest if you are looking for a late model Audi.
If you are considering an Audi, New Rochelle Car Leasing can offer the following models; A3 Convertible, A3 Diesel, A3 Hatchback, A3 Sedan, A4 Sedan, A5 Convertible, A5 Coupe, A6 Diesel, A6 Sedan, A7 Diesel, A7 Sedan, A8 Diesel, A8 Sedan, allroad Wagon, Q1 SUV, Q3 SUV, Q5 Diesel, Q5 Hybrid, Q5 SUV, Q7 e-tron SUV, Q7 Diesel, Q7 SUV, R8 Convertible, R8 Coupe, RS 5 Convertible, RS 5 Coupe, RS 7 Sedan, S3 Sedan, S4 Sedan, S5 Convertible, S5 Coupe, S6 Sedan, S7 Sedan, S8 Sedan, SQ5 SUV, TT Convertible, TT Coupe, TTS Convertible and TTS Coupe.
Whether you want a powerful SUV for lengthy trips, a comfortable passenger sedan or a high performance sports car; Audi has an excellent answer for each of these scenarios. Call our auto leasing experts and discuss your requirement to find your ideal Audi model. Our lines can be reached at 631-527-0050.

Easy Audi lease termination with New Rochelle Car Leasing

If you are contemplating an Audi car lease but a prior negative experience is stopping you, we might have the answer. If you’ve encountered a bad experience with a car lease, we can make a fair guess and say things went sour during the time of returning your auto lease. With New Rochelle Car Leasing, we can guarantee that returning your lease will be a positive experience. Don’t take our word for it, ask our customers! We have a very high rate of retention because of our satisfactory service across all aspects of car leasing.
When you lease an Audi with us, we ensure that we perform a thorough inspection several weeks before the end of the lease contract to keep you informed in advance of any costs. In addition, upon signing the lease, we will give you a comprehensive overview of maintaining your car in a manner that won’t result in any compensation fees as well as wear and tear that we charge our customers for. Finally, we would much rather not charge our customers at the end of the contract so for the best of our ability, we look to undertake any minor costs involved and will only charge our customer for significant wear and tear. For further information, get in touch with us on 631-527-0050.