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Smart Leasing in New Rochelle

Smart has perfected a concept that is much needed in the automotive industry. Smart focuses on small, fuel efficient vehicles. Smarts are ideal for two reasons; they offer an expected high number of miles on the gallon and its compact size makes it a very suitable option in the busy streets of New York. Whether you are environmentally conscious or price conscious, the Smart series has certainly catered to some of the major issues in the automotive industry. Of course this comes with a consequence in terms of its price and its practicality, but depending on your purpose, a Smart can be an excellent vehicle to get around New Rochelle.
Smart initially had an expanded line but after little response, the brand was revitalized with the “Fortwo” model available as a convertible, coupe and electric drive. As you might expect, Smart’s price range falls somewhere in the entry level category but they are not as economical as you think. Of course, you will make up for it in gas savings in the long term, but if you want a further bargain, New Rochelle Car Leasing will give you a deal better than what you’d get anywhere else in the city.
While our online system is straight forward and signing up for a lease can be done in a few minutes by submitting the relevant information, we urge you to hold back until you speak to one of our auto leasing experts. Smart vehicles are unique and as much as they have their strengths, they have their weaknesses as well. Call us on 631-527-0050 for a full review before you make your investment.

Drive a Smart for a fraction of the price

A Smart can cost you as much as an entry level full sized sedan but that doesn’t mean you have to opt for a car lease that will cost you as much per month. Our auto leasing rates are comparatively lower by a significant margin. You can also customize your Smart lease based on what you can afford so that your monthly cost won’t be a relatively high amount. With New Rochelle Car Leasing, you can alter the period of your lease and the down payment value based on what you are comfortable with paying.
If you need a further discount, our car leasing experts would love to assist you with other options. We have several lessees who are currently driving a Smart. We can arrange a lease transfer in the future if they are looking to get out of their lease early. A lease transfer gets rid of your down payment so it’s a significant saving on your part. A lease transfer is not guaranteed however so you may want to look into other options. You can also consider financing your lease with the help of a lender. Our auto leasing executives have tie-ups with the most prominent financial institutions in New Rochelle to get loans approved quickly at a very low interest rate.
If you are interested in leasing a Smart and want to learn more; get in touch with us on 631-527-0050, no strings attached.