Frequently Asked Questions – New Rochelle Car Leasing

New Rochelle Car Leasing offers a unique auto leasing service in New Rochelle. If you are a resident of New Rochelle and would like to learn more about our car leasing deals, these common queries by our customers along with relevant answers may be a good place to start.

How does New Rochelle Car Leasing work

New Rochelle Car Leasing operates as an online service. This means that if you are interested in leasing a car with us, our starting contact point is our website. We have no physical location and while that may seem strange to you, it was a carefully thought out decision to provide a superior service to our customers.

How do I learn more about your cars

Our website has been populated with detailed information about any car you might be interested. If you require further assistance, you can speak to one of our car leasing professionals who would be happy to answer of your queries. Our car leasing professionals operate as consultants and are here to ensure that you lease the best possible car for the price you can afford depending on your budget. To get in touch with one of our car consultants, call us on 631-527-0050.

Do you offer any discounts?

Our entire platform is built on enabling a more affordable car leasing service. With our online leasing model and removal of the physical lot, we have much lower overheads which give us the opportunity to make our auto leasing specials much lower in cost in comparison to our competitors. Furthermore, our auto leases are fluid in nature and are not pre-made terms and conditions based on our requirement. You have the liberty to alter the duration of the lease and the down payment according to your financial situation so that you can pay a monthly price that works with you. To discuss this further, our sales professionals can help you.

What other value additions do you offer, if any?

Apart from providing you the best auto leasing rates and an extensive selection of cars that you won’t get anywhere else, we provide plenty of value additions to make the entire leasing experience, a smooth enjoyable one. Our contracts are not set in stone and we allow breaking of a lease without excessive penalties. We would be happy to arrange a lease transfer and look for a suitable lessee to assume your lease if you want to get out of your lease early but don’t want to pay the lease cancellation charges. Another way our sales professionals can assist you is with car financing. On top of our customizable leases and low leasing rates; if you would like a further concession on your car lease, you can seek the assistance of a financial provider to undertake some of the financial burden so that you have more time to make your payments in smaller amounts.
We also bring features like free delivery and other benefits. If you need more reasons to work with New Rochelle Car Leasing and would like to learn more about our car leasing company, speak to one of our auto leasing professionals on 631-527-0050.