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Mercedes Benz Leasing in New Rochelle

Mercedes Benz has proven its worth by successfully dominating a number of niche markets in the automotive industry. The Mercedes Benz brand primarily stands for luxury and prestige but the manufacturer has been successful in producing cars with a high level of performance and in recent times proven its high standard by building admirable cars running on alternate energy sources. Mercedes Benz has also picked up significant market share in the SUV market; their SUV’s powerful off road capabilities was showcased in the blockbuster Jurassic World movie. Proudly sponsored by Mercedes Benz, the movie utilized the versatile power of the G-Class which is a premium SUV suitable for extreme off-road terrain. The vehicle comprises of a V8 engine and brings plenty of amenities on the inside for a comfortable ride. The G-Class tends to sport a more “classic” appearance that off-road enthusiasts will certainly appreciate.
Of course, SUVs consists of only a small portion of their inventory. The latest models from Mercedes Benz includes the AMG GT Coupe, B-Class Electric Drive Hatchback, C-Class Coupe, C-Class Sedan, CL-Class Coupe, CLA-Class Sedan, CLS-Class Sedan, E-Class Convertible, E-Class Coupe, E-Class Diesel, E-Class Hybrid, E-Class Sedan, E-Class Wagon, G-Class SUV, GL-Class Diesel, GL-Class SUV, GLA-Class SUV, GLE-Class SUV, GLK-Class Diesel, GLK-Class SUV, M-Class Diesel, M-Class SUV, Maybach Sedan, Metris Minivan, S-Class Coupe, S-Class Sedan, SL-Class Convertible, SLC-Class Convertible, SLK-Class Convertible, SLS AMG GT Final Edition Convertible, SLS AMG GT Final Edition Coupe, SLS AMG GT Convertible, SLS AMG GT Coupe and the Sprinter Van.
At New Rochelle Car Leasing, we offer all the above models including the various trim packages and custom options that are offered by the manufacturer. Give us a call on 631-527-0050 and find out what it’ll cost you to lease a Mercedes Benz including all your requirements from New Rochelle’s most economical auto leasing agency.

Financing your Mercedes Benz

Most German automobiles tend to come with a significant price and the Mercedes Benz brand is no exception. While the vehicles may be priced at higher than the average market value, you certainly get your money’s worth when you sit in one or better yet, get behind the wheel. The G-Class that was aforementioned for instance will cost you over $100,000 in cash. If you are leasing one, particularly with our leasing rates, you should be able to drive one at a reasonable price but you can further lower your immediate expenses by opting for a loan.
By working with New Rochelle Car Leasing, we can assess your requirement and find a suitable financial lender in New Rochelle who will offer you a great interest rate and flexible policies. With the help of our reduced leasing rates and an attractive contract from a financial institution, you should be able to own and maintain a Mercedes Benz quite comfortably with an average income.
Call us today to get started. With our easy to use online lease sign up process and efficient sales personnel, you could be driving your dream car in a matter of days. Get in touch with us on 631-527-0050.