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Buick Leasing in New Rochelle

Buick has maintained a devout following over the years. The secret that Buick brings is its unique personality and of course the luxury and comfort. Buick vehicles are catered towards people looking for semi-luxury vehicles and willing to pay higher than the price range typical of lower end models. While Buick has a more luxury focus, the brand also caters to the entry level market. The Verano sedan will cost you just a little over $20,000 in cash which is a great price to pay for a brand that focuses on above average comfort and features.
Buick’s two latest SUV options are a perfect example of variety. While the Enclave is large and seats 8 people, the Encore is a significantly smaller crossover and will cost you around 75% of what an Enclave would cost you. Both SUVs offer the comfort and luxury that Buick maintains across all it maintains. The Encore is excellent if you prefer smaller sports utility vehicles. Another benefit of the Encore is the very good mileage so it should give you more savings in the long run. At New Rochelle Car Leasing, we offer both these SUV models as well as their sedan options. Choose from the Verano, Regal or LaCrosse sedan. If you are interested in a Buick, our auto leasing experts would love to discuss with you and help you proceed with setting up your lease. For more information on what Buick can offer, contact us on 631-527-0050.

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With New Rochelle Car Leasing, you are not just limited to Buick models and don’t have to worry about the negative details being left out by a Buick car dealership that is obviously biased towards their brand. At New Rochelle Car Leasing, we feature dozens of brands and treat all of them equally. Whether you pick a Smart, a Porsche or a Buick, our job is done as long as you pick the car that’s right for you. While a car lease is a short term contract, it spans a few years which is still a considerable period of time to be stuck with a car you don’t like. For this reason, we have employed staff that are well versed with all models whether it’s Buick or any other brand we offer to be able to give you a comprehensive review so you know that you will be satisfied with your car for the full period of your lease.
Consultation for car selection is not just a service we reserve for our customers; even if you are approaching the end of your lease with another auto leasing agency and looking to lease a new car with the same company, we would still be happy to assist you with selecting your new car without any strings attached.
Our employees are the inverse of the typical pushy sales guy you encounter in virtually every other car dealership. You can evaluate our service yourself by speaking to us on 631-527-0050. We look forward to hear from you.